Reputation monitoring and reputation management for today’s real estate agent

In the world of real estate, reputation is as important, arguably even more so, than your ability to close a sale or attract potential clients. Your reputation, especially in the modern age of the internet, carries far more weight today with buyers and sellers than it has at any other time throughout modern history. Consumers are more empowered today and will go online and do their due diligence to determine whether the real estate agent whom they are considering working with has the experience, professionalism, and reputation they are seeking.

While there are certainly things that you can do to boost your reputation, sometimes you don’t get honest and valuable feedback from clients. People will tend to gladhand others and tell them what they think the other person wants to hear, and in the real estate market homebuyers and sellers tend to avoid conflict with their agents while potential deals are in place. If you want to know exactly what your clients think of you and the services that you offer, it’s incumbent upon you to due some homework.

Check local review sites regularly

Search your name through any number of local search engines. There’s no point to find out what your reputation may be halfway around the world unless that happens to make up a significant portion of your clientele. If you find your name listed on a review site, find out why someone rated you and what they said. If you discover negative information, don’t react immediately. Instead, reflect on what the person said about you and determine if there could be validity to it.

Once you have taken some time for self-reflection, if the review site offers you an opportunity to respond to the feedback, do so. But keep it positive and professional. If you find positive praise, respond to that as well by thanking the person who posted it.

Send out anonymous feedback cards

Another method of monitoring and managing your reputation is to allow your clients, past and present, to answer a simple questionnaire about their experience with you. Review the feedback you receive with an open mind and look for consistencies. Do a majority of your clients feel that you don’t respond to their questions fast enough? Do they feel as though you don’t listen to their concerns? When you review what others say about you with an open mind, you can begin to work on aspects of your professional personality and even your presentation that can help boost your reputation in the long run.

Real estate is a competitive market. The more you know about how clients view your skills and professionalism, the better prepared you will be to set yourself above the competition. The more positive reviews that you receive online, the more likely potential clients will be to call you first.

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