The iPhone has accelerated our internet consumption and “if it isn’t isn’t instant, I don’t want it” mentallity

Times have changed faster than we would like to admit. Now with almost every one has an iPhone or smart phone with instant access to the internet.

It used to be so easy to generate business without the internet. You know… print thousands of expensive flyers, make hundreds of phone calls, doork-nock door to door, place expensive ads in the paper and hand out glossy brochures.

Then you need to follow-up potential clients with direct mail (at about a dollar each to print, stuff and stamp) on a regular basis and call only to find out they listed with someone else last week. And you say “but I sent them a letter last month!”.

Then the internet comes along and for some reason agents and managers perceive it as a problem, instead of a solution and tool.

I mean its pretty hard to send a free email, post a great story relevant to your target market, give away free information of value and provide a digital warehouse of great information and products for your clients on your very own website.

This is how it should be

  • Meet visitor at a home open (50% are potential sellers)
  • Hand them a brochure about the property and a DL flyer about your website that promotes the wonderful information they can find on it to help them with their real estate needs.
  • Ask them if the would like to receive your weekly email newsletter with great tips for selling and buying so you can keep them updated with whats happening in the area.
  • Visit your website on your iPad, iPhone or laptop at the home open and enter their details in your dedicated potential seller subscribe form. Or even better forward to your VA to do for you.
  • Later in the day the visitor is checking his email after a day of inspecting several properties and receives your email to confirm their subscription. Once they click confirm they are taken to your dedicated video thank you page further building rapport. Wow!
  • Next day you contact them by phone to see what they thought of the property and they are so excited and impressed to hear from you. And the best part is they already know who you are because they saw your video the day before that burned your name and face in their brain.
  • Couple of days later and they get your awesome automated email newsletter designed to drive them back to your website and show them that you are here, on their side and know everything about their real estate problems and how you help.
  • Couple of weeks go by and wow, they called and asked me to sell their home. They don’t ask for an appraisal anymore, they ask you to sell their home.

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