Where we are at, and where we are going with Real Estate Connected

We only work with the best

We only work with the best has become our mantra here at Real Estate Connected. Now that mantra can have two meanings and I want you to understand what this means to me. I don’t care if you are the best at what you do, I just want you to want this from yourself as I do.

Our goal at Real Estate Connected is to grow rapidly from strength to strength with the sole purpose of building the best internet marketing solutions that we can, that produces results for you and your business. We want to make money, yes no question but we want you to make more money as that feeds our energy even more. When you are a client of Real Estate Connected you come first, everything else is secondary. We only work with the best because we expect the best from ourselves, we want the best and to make you better.

Where I am at right now is due to the teachings of Markus Rothkranz

Dear Markus Rothkranz,

I just wanted to tell you personally that you changed my life.

I was overweight and unhappy, stressed and felt like life is a race. I found your book heal yourself 101 in January when I was 102kg. Now 7 months on I weigh 78kg all because of your teachings. Thank Marcus you have saved my life, I feel like a new man with a hundred years + left to live (I’m 33).

the best part of losing the weight was I lost 15kg in the first 6 weeks! And from then on it has just been really easy. Now I only eat when I’m hungry and half the time it was my body saying I need water. Food tastes better in its natural untouched state. Went to a friend’s house and saw a tree, thought they were oranges but no huge mandarins. Filled a bag! Some days a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will fill me from 9-2 it’s crazy how little your body needs after you rid yourself of the junk.

It’s freezing in Perth but sunny and I walk outside without my shirt on to soak in the wonderful sun. Freezing or not that just warms my body and soul.

You have single-handedly made me a better man. Life isn’t a rush, so I have decide to get off the treadmill and say fuk u there is no treadmill! I walk my own path and make my own way. I’m going to 150 so what’s the rush. Life is beautiful and thank you for letting me discover it Markus

You have saved me from feeling dead inside,

Your friend for life, Merv

Music, love it, live it and listen to it loud, for more energy and maximum effect!

My top 2 song right now are

This one song fills me with energy and wow

Planetary (go!) by My Chemical Romance


Stranger Things have happened by the Foo Fighters

Customers we are currently experiencing growing pains but watch this space because we have just leveled up!

To our current customers. Thank you for being part of my dream to be the best. You have all helped us to get to where we are now and as we learn and develop new tools by working together and assisting each other we can only produce better results. The synergy of working together for common goals is unmatched in its effect.

Please be patient with us over the coming weeks as the pains are here but not for long. We anticipate a 2 week bumpy road but your platform will either launch, upgraded, content deployed or all of the above.

To the inspirational people in my life

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bill Phillips, Gary Keller, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Dale Carnegie and personal mentors such as Marc McLeod, Michael Russer, Fran Kern and so many other great people  have all been inspirational in my learing and what I aspire to be. Thank you for teaching me and sharing your life’s experience with me.

Thank you for teaching me real estate and how to be the best real estate sales person for 11 years. The following people have only ever want the best from me and have given me a business fire that I just can’t put out. Your skills and teachings have giving me so much skill. The following people are amazing business teachers and everything they do is just wow! Thank you Gayle Adams, Duro Margaretic, John Percudani for your counsel and help throughout my career, It’s because of you I want the best!

Thank you to everyone I know as you all have helped me be who I am today.

I wanted to briefly point out some of the people in my life who have been a part of my whole life

My mum Alycee Barrett has been so wonderful in supporting me and teaching me to do what ever I wanted and that I can do what ever I wanted! Thanks mum I love you and you have directed and made me want more from myself in everything I do. Thank you.

Dad, your computer passion has infected me and driven me to learn everything I could since I was a young boy, I love technology I am a nerd and proud at that! You have made me the man I am today. I love you thank you.

Nikky you are my best friend and we have had the best experience of our lifetime and there is still so far to go, life is not a rush lets enjoy it. I have just started to watch videos from dads recording when we were kids. You have always been there for me little sister I love you. You have a wonderful husband Danilo who has been a great friend and I can see he only want the best from you. Thanks Danilo, look after her.

Toni, you are the most wonderful woman in my life, I love you and you have only helped me be better, want more and be the best. You are the turning point in my life and without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love you and want to give you all that I can. This has probably got to be the worst proposal in the world but fuk it, its been 5 years too long and I just can’t wait another second to tell you. Will you marry me?

Thank you to everyone in my life and those I am yet to meet. I want to be the best and make you better, you just have to say yes.

Next Level at Real Estate Connected

Stay tuned for Level 3. Its coming, its coming fast be ready


  1. Mate, that’s bloody awesome…Wow, what a change, so much transparency, so much energy and so much genuine-ness! Merv, I just want to give you a bear-hug and congratulate you on where you’ve been, where you’re at and most importantly where you & your ship are navigating to! Congratulations! T.

  2. MATE!!!!!! Bout time!!!!!
    Congrates to you both.. all the best, that gave me tears of happiness for the both of you..

  3. Well there you go.. Classic proposal..

    And Glad to hear that she said yes..

    Congratulations to you both..

    I know a great wedding photographer!!!! 8v)

    Andy Romano & Team

    PropertyDIGITAL Photo/Video Imaging group

    • Thanks Andy! Stay tuned…!

      And a huge thanks for taking all my photos and helping me sell so many homes in the past while selling!

      Your service rocks and I can’t wait for us go further together!

  4. Thank you everybody for the Congrats! If don’t already know I said YESSSS!!!!!!!!

    Merv has made me a very Happy woman today and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!


  5. Congrats guys!! i am so happy for you both 😀 i cant wait to hear about all the wedding plans from Toni. Well done Merv it was a perfect proposal 😀 xxx

  6. Oh swervin,

    About time! Congratulations to both of you and may you have a wonderful life together. This is a beautiful proposal in pure swervin fashion.

    Luv you guys lots Lou, Brent n girls xxx

  7. Although i’ve already said Congratulations to you both tonight, i also want to say that i’m really happy for you both.

    Merv, even though you’ve been a part of the family for 5 years already, I would like to officially say welcome to the family. I’m looking forward to you being my brother-in-law instead of my “sisters boyfriend”. I see how happy you make my sister and seeing her happy makes us happy. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

    Bring on the Nieces and Nephews!!! 🙂

  8. Congrats Merv and Toni! Enjoy the engagement and the planning for the rest of your lives Happily Ever After. Great message all round Merv – ending with the big finally – great story to tell in the future. Talk Soon. Michelle

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