Blogging is the most powerful tool for the real estate agent in the digital age

The concept of blogging is fundamentally the most powerful asset you have available to you today. In fact if you aren’t blogging regularly then there is so much business you are missing out on.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and connect with thousands of people in your real estate passion then you will no longer need to chase business… business will chase you.

A successful blog in the digital age needs a few key elements to succeed and without these ingredients failure is guaranteed.

Lets get back to the fundamentals of blogging for a moment, a blog is a continual stream of ‘evergreen’ content that will pay dividends for its entire existence. This means a post on your blog that answers a persons question or solves their problem will be working for you over and over again forever. A blog is really a newsletter with history that can be searched. And that history is so important in the digital age of Google, search engines and iPhone’s.

If a story written today will last forever, then you can virtually write about anything to do with your niche.

So where do you start?

The first step to blogging is to have a plan. Now you know when you sit down to write a story you usually get writers block… well it is pretty much the same for everyone. It was only until I discovered an easy way to implement a simple step into my business that now it is really easy to write.

Pay attention to what people ask you. Questions from sellers and buyers, every time you meet someone they always ask you the real estate expert a question… or for advice. Well bingo that is a blog post! So the next time someone asks you something in person or by email that is relevant to real estate, the transaction, a suburb, specific to you niche, or even a colleague tells you a story, you have found a story!

Now here is the key, use the power of your mind and its wonderful ability to remember stuff later, but we often forget to write down the trigger… So just write a quick note or heading of the story into your diary or iPhone in a wonderful diary app called DAY ONE. I use it daily because it is fast and efficient and helps me recall the stories fast. The goal of this exercise is to fill the DAY ONE app with lots of headings for potential stories to write about.

So after a week of writing down these triggers when you finally sit down to write, you will have a bank of 30 to 50 or more possible stories to write about, that is one story per week for 1 year! How good is that! I know when I started using this strategy I had 32 story topics to write about in the first 10 hours.

The funny thing is the questions you are asked about real estate haven’t changed much, a subject sale is a subject sale but for some reason we keep getting asked the same questions. Ah ha… If we keep getting asked the same questions, then what do you think people are doing on their computer or iPhone when they have a question. They type their problem in the Google search box and bingo, your answer appears. This is the evergreen power of blogging.

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