Recipe for blogging success

At Real Estate Connected we encourage you to stay on the cutting edge of real estate trends and topics. Blogging is one of the finest tools available for achieving this – it’s fast, free, and a great way to enhance your professional profile online. As with any great venture, to make a great blog you need gather the ingredients, create a method then fill it with passion and interesting information before generously coating in lashings of personality.

Gather the ingredients

With blogging “ideas” are the essential ingredients to a perfectly formed blog. We recommend you gather these ingredients through keeping a diary, installing one of the hundreds of apps available online then start building a list of potential topics. To help keep it simple, you can focus on listing the headlines only until you have a bank of ideas.


Once you have all your ingredients and your inner “ideas” beast has been released – we recommend focusing your writing on one topic at a time and slowly adding more topics to the mixture as you go along. If you have gathered 50 ideas, then this is a fresh story every week for year. Create 100 and you’ve got two stories a week. Before you know it, your blog starts rising and followers come from far and wide to taste the goods. Keep the content hyperlocal for extra Google juice.

Aim for seven servings a week

Seven delicious servings of news and information per week are the key to accelerate your success on the internet and provide a valuable information destination. Every day you add ingredients and follow your method, you are contributing to building a successful blog. In fact, once you start to focus on cooking up ideas and creating a smorgasbord of engaging blogs, you will end up with satisfied diners who keep coming back for more!

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