How to use video in real estate marketing to wow your buyers and sellers and place you at the top

If you aren’t using video as a real estate marketing tool, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach clients.  Video can really help you differentiate yourself and your properties in a crowded market and can be a powerful supplement to your existing marketing campaign.  Nearly every real estate agent has a website, but relatively few are using video.

Save Time and Money

Real estate videos will help you save time and money.  Buyers who view a virtual tour online make a purchasing decision up to 3 times faster than clients who don’t view any online tours.  Virtual tours will save you hours in preview appointments and open houses.  How many times have you taken a client for a showing, only to find out that the property won’t fit their needs after looking at the first room?  Clients can discover these types of things early on by viewing a virtual tour.  So when you do go for a showing, it’s more likely that the client will be genuinely interested in the property.

Get More Traffic

Posting videos will help you increase traffic to your website because video content is more likely to make it to the first page of the Google search results than sites that only contain text.  Videos can be optimized to appear in search results, just like website pages and blog posts, to further boost your number of hits.  People are more likely to click on a video, because the message is fast and direct.  Clients are busy and most likely don’t have time to read pages of text.  A 2-3 minute video that sums up your main points is perfect.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Video can bring your brand and your properties to life.  People are attracted to personalities, and there is no better way to showcase your personality than a video.  It can help you build trust and rapport with clients.  People are more likely to remember what they see in a video and it engages more of their senses.

Incorporating videos on your website can really add value to your marketing campaign.  You can shoot the video yourself, but you may get a better result if you enlist a professional.  There are companies that cater especially to the real estate market and it may be worth the additional investment.

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