Importance of having a blog to promote your real estate business

In today’s fast paced digital world, one of the most common questions people ask when you are offering a service is “do you have a website?” Chances are, you’ve done your homework and have a live website but most sites are difficult to navigate and are solely there for the purpose of showcasing the latest property. By incorporating a blog into your website offerings, you are positioning yourself as an innovator, problem solver and great listener.

Raise your profile

Blogs are a great way to encourage conversation about the latest industry trends and breaking news. Bringing attention to current real estate issues through your blog and leading conversation about it will establish you as a leader and innovator. This type of self promotion is invaluable in raising your profile as the ‘go to’ person for up to date information.

Problem Solving

Blogs also provide an ideal platform to help your potential clients solve a problem – quickly and easily. By interacting with and talking to your target audience through blogs, you’ve personalised your services and helped them answer questions – for this, you will be remembered. Essentially, you are a problem solver. Create a blog that provides solutions to people’s problems and you will generate more business than you can handle.

Two way communication

Communication professionals know that two-way communication is paramount to business success. Instead of just talking at people through your site, a blog allows you to listen to potential client’s needs and concerns too. This type of customer interaction is invaluable in the real estate industry – where building rapport and establishing relationships are fundamental in the profession.

At Real Estate Connected we help our customers achieve the very best out of their website by offering a full website audit to help you better connect with your audience. Through this service, we provide advice and feedback on any blog content to see if you’re effectively raising your profile, solving problems and listening to your audience.

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