We are an internet marketing agency specialising in real estate agents because we have been there, we know what its like to sell homes, negotiate, market property and promote yourself… often by yourself or with a small team

We are here for you, we want to help you succeed online, reduce your financial outlay on out dated marketing mediums that are taxing your pocket and the environment each day we use them. Digital is where its at, its cheaper faster and today… no waiting for printers, flyers and crap that you can’t monitor with analytics. Generation X is here,we are everywhere and we live in a ‘buy now’ world. Look at the largest generation of home owners for the next 10 years, there are more of them, expect now and don’t want to chit chat, we just want it done.

Don’t ring me for idle talk, I don’t have time to chat… send me an email and I’ll get to it when i’m finished when I have time. I am Gen X

Never before have we been so connected to one another yet we are all still so far apart in the real world. I can travel the world in a few mouse click, investigate anything, learn whatever I can dream of and more… all from my iPhone. Lets look at this as a simple picture of the real world that real estate training has forgot to mention. Sorry old skool trainers but you are so far behind of whats coming and is about to crash the party that if you are not telling your students to get online in a big way then lookout for the agents who do, they are coming they move fast and we are showing them what to do.

What we want to do at Real Estate Connected the internet marketing agency specialising in real estate agent training

We want to build a huge network of connected agents across Australia and this vast globe. We want to teach you what to do, make it simple, structured and easy to follow. You can’t win a marathon if you aren’t in the race. Internet marketing is a marathon, but it scales to your level so you can crawl, walk, jog, run or get in your Ferrari and put the pedal to the metal.

We don’t care who you work for, we work for you and the agency isn’t important… Gen X doesn’t care who your ‘agency’ is, how long you’ve been around or how many offices you have.

Gen X wants you to tell me what you do, talk to me regularly with great information that helps me understand what to do. I haven’t sold before and I don’t do it often, nor do my friends… the secret is to tell me before we meet. Don’t forget I pressed the ‘buy now’ button to get you to sell my house, I’ve already decided its you because you told me what you do, just sell my house, keep me informed because I haven’t got much time.

There are no shortcuts to online success, you can’t succeed with bullshit or a scam and you have to have passion in what you do. Take responsibility and talk about what you do online… but most of all, do it with a plan

If you aren’t focusing online and you believe it doesn’t work or its too hard, then I guess that’s what you believe. Good luck fending off the current batch of Generation X agents who are prepared, move faster and carry less baggage and live in a Facebook and Google world. Its not an age barrier either, its a mindset. You either focus online or don’t, and when you do the possibilities are endless.

Make it your responsibility to find out everything you can about your area and publish it online for everyone to see. They will love you, they will find you and when they are ready they will talk about you and use you. Don’t be afraid of speaking your mind, you have a voice, be proud of who you are and what you do. I know, Ive been there done it and frankly wanted to help more people sell their home with me.

If you don’t have enough business right now, you aren’t telling enough people online

Being devastated for missing business that you know in your heart you were the best person to sell their home… that sucks. It doesn’t have to be that way. Tell everyone what you do and how you do it. Train your customers in your home selling service online, tell them on your website and tell them everything. Hide nothing, that’s what everyone else does, be different shout it. You are a damn fine real estate agent and work your ass off for them. Everything you do is for them. I know I did this for years, 11 in fact and I wish the prospecting was easier.

If the iPhone wasn’t here, I’m certain we wouldn’t be in this deep or moving this fast online. But we are, we took the time to discover what you need to do next, how to tackle a few steps at a time, each day, week, month and make a road-map for you to follow to succeed.  We aren’t perfect but we’re trying to be better, its tough growing at this rate but we don’t want to slow down. The world wont wait for you, it will move past you and leave you wondering where you went wrong. I’ll tell you now, you forgot to promote your community you work online everyday.

We have the tools to automate parts, provide training in others and we love what we do. Our goal is to connect you online and avoid the real estate training learning curve. We build the tools, train you how to use them, provide services to you to make you succeed. The cost to growth ratio is insane. One shitty flyer drop and your web marketing campaign can go for a year and net you… everyone in your area connecting with you online.

Nature rewards those who give. Give more, help people, everyone will know what you’ve done and will thank you. Just help, and listen to what we teach, we want to give and teach you the best real estate training we can everyday.

To be successful online you need to unlearn what you know and have been taught

Learn the legal parts yes, continue learning about being the best professional you can and be a ninja at contracts and that is what you should take home from traditional real estate training schools. To be honest, look at some of your competitors and what they are doing… yeah that’s right you’re doing the same damn thing at them. If you think you can’t beat them, go around its much easier to innovate and change because you are faster than them, leaner than them and have more energy.

Old school real estate training and marketing has forgotten to adapt to the iPhone generation. Lets look at whats happened in only a few years. The great Steve Jobs has given everyone the internet in their hands that requires a small amount of electricity to power. No trees are cut down to give me information, the information is interactive and free to access and I can get it now.

Facebook is not an internet marketing you START with… it comes later

It is a marketing platform designed to put your website, services and products in your targets lap. Your Facebook page is worth 0 without a place to send fans. Start with a website, add a Facebook page, grow. We give you the plan and the blueprint to succeed.

The only true path to success is failure. Fail Faster!

Success in not a fluke, ask those who have succeeded. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before inventing the light bulb. Never give up, never consider giving up, learn, learn, try and fail. Stand the f*uk up and keep going. You only learn from failure. I know, I’ve tried it all. Just listen.

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