How to make your pre-listing kit convert more leads to sellers

Remember your first listing appointment and how you asked your boss, “I got an appointment Mal, what do I do?”

And he’s like, “Here you go son, this is our pre list kit, just add your details and enter you price and sign here and drop it off before you go. We call this a pre-list kit”.

How exciting my first appraisal!

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Why you should use two databases instead of one real estate CRM

This is where we all get a bit unstuck.

Over the years I’ve used several specialist real estate CRM’s; TopProducer, Market Manager, AgentOffice, PortPlus and also tried and tested dozens more.

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How to build a database overnight with hot sellers in 2015 even if you have been in real estate for 5 minutes

You could:

  • Cold call telemarketing
  • Door knock
  • In your street flyers
  • Just listed / sold flyers
  • Quarterly/monthly updates
  • Banner ads on REA
  • Referrals
  • Direct Mail
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Pay Per Click PPC
  • Google Display Ads

Lets look at each of these prospecting strategies in more detail.

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How to create an email lead prospecting system that nurtures leads automatically

Real estate is about building trust, creating relationships and educating your seller leads over a period of time.

How many times have you scheduled a follow-up call the following week or two to touch base with an appraisal client but they still aren’t ready?

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How to write a killer appraisal page that delivers you quality seller leads day in and day out and will change your business forever

You have one specific task when creating a Request for CMA or Appraisal page.

Convince your reader to contact you and get them to invite you over look at their property.

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Its been a fantastic week for us at Easy Property Listing on the journey to be the #1 real estate plugin for WordPress websites

This week we have been hard at work on minor fixes and they are now complete. We’ve also added French and Finnish translation to the plugin provided by the awesome WordPress community. Details about this release are here.

We are about to push out major updates to each extension with new functionality and features that have been in planning and development.

We will let you know about them as they are released so make sure you enter your license key to download the updates easily from within your WordPress website.

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How to build a real estate website for your business, or create a property portal using Easy Property Listings for WordPress

We’ve built Easy Property Listings from the ground up to by dynamic, expandable and easy to use. It’s packed with features that help you connect your listings and property data with your visitors in very intuitive way.

In this video i’m going to show you how to build a clean and elegant real estate website portal in about an hour using some of my favorite WordPress tools and plugins and show you some of the new changes coming in version 1.3.

There are over three hundred new features, tweaks and nifty changes that have been added in this release and here are some of the highlights.

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Just Launched Complete Re-Design of Jeff Jones Real Estate WordPress Website

After several short… long weeks we’ve completed development and launched a responsive WordPress website for a hugely successful Brisbane real estate agent, Jeff Jones. This agency was established in 1977 and has been recognised for many REIQ Awards.

Working hand in hand with Troy Woodward a staff member working with Matt Jones who has put forth an incredible effort to gather and write a huge amount of informative content. This initiative helps property owners in Brisbane navigate all aspects of real estate transactions in Queensland.

If you are buying property, need a property manager in Brisbane or are a tenant needing advice be sure to visit as you will find the answer you are looking for.

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How to set up your REAXML listing provider on your website to FeedSync with better security and safety

Once you have a portal provider in place and you’ve uploaded your listings and photographs into it you’re ready to configure the FeedSync for your website.

Step 1: Decide where the final hosting server will be

Its much easier to to this once on the final server then to change things later. You have enough to do when launching a new website that you don’t want to add another step in the way and have to wait for your provider to adjust their settings on your tight schedule.

For example: You are developing a new WordPress web site on your local development server which will eventually replace an existing one but the client plans on keeping their current hosting.

Perform the following steps on the intended live server.

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Easy Property Listings releases first major official update version 1.2

We’ve been hard at work developing real estate websites and making major changes to our free Easy Property Listings WordPress plugin and are pleased to announce that we have just released  its first official major update Version 1.2. Since its initial launch only six weeks ago we’ve helped thousands of WordPress developers and real estate agents build web sites quick and easy.

This release packs a serious punch with hundreds of changes, new features and tweaks that make creating a real estate website even easier. Download your copy from or your plugin page.

Read about all the changes to the plugin here.

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