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Major release of Easy Property Listings 2.2 Imminent

Its been a long road to prepare Easy Property Listings 2.2 for release and it will bring a number of enhancements to the WordPress  community using Easy Property Listings on their real estate website.

Since launching the first version on the plugin directory on June 27, 2014 and just realised that we missed our first birthday we have amassed over 24,000 downloads and have close to 3,000 active websites who rely on this plugin for their real estate website everyday.

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Just Released v1.1! Easy Property Listings real estate plugin on grab it now!

We’ve been writing real estate software for a website development platform called WordPress that allows for plugins to make your website better. Finally the software is to a point where its ready for the general public as I had to make sure its right before release.

So after seven months of coding and working out all the abilities its ready! Time for a beer or several.

Click here to grab your copy from and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help make this better for you on your real estate website.

What are people saying about your real estate agency? 3 Tips for Handling Online Reviews

These days, it’s incredibly easy for customers to share their experiences online and it’s not just restaurants who are being reviewed. Increasingly, more real estate agencies are finding themselves in the spotlight, making great customer service an area of increased focus for real estate agents.

These reviews are often located at the top of the Google search results which is a blessing when you get positive reviews and troubling when things didn’t go the way you planned with a client. The question then becomes, how do you handle less than stellar reviews of your real estate business?

The following 3 tips will help you when handling customer reviews:

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How to use video in real estate marketing to wow your buyers and sellers and place you at the top

If you aren’t using video as a real estate marketing tool, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach clients.  Video can really help you differentiate yourself and your properties in a crowded market and can be a powerful supplement to your existing marketing campaign.  Nearly every real estate agent has a website, but relatively few are using video.

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: How to Use Google AdWords to Grow Your Business

Google AdWords can seem confusing at first, but if you learn how to use it, you can increase the traffic to your real estate website exponentially.  AdWords enables you to advertise on Google, which puts your ads in front of a huge audience.  It will take time to optimize performance, but it offers great benefits for your real estate website.

The Basics

You as an advertiser bid on certain keywords (i.e. “real estate agent”) by setting a maximum bid.  Google will decide which advertisement gets displayed for each keyword based on your bid and your quality score.

How is your quality score determined?

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Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox

This has to be one of the best tools available for keeping your important real estate listing documents and paperwork on hand where ever you are and accessible from any computer Mac or PC, iPhone or any connected device.

Dropbox is one of those tools that once you use it you will wonder how you lived without it. Imagine writing an offer at someones house and for some reason you are missing the subject sale clause in your folder… You have 2 options, call your assistant and ask them to forward it to you (oh by the way its 8pm and she isn’t answering her phone) or with Dropbox on your iPhone, select the folder clauses and choose the subject-sale.pdf and you can forward this as a link to the clients email to print out or read and re-write it there. Most people have a printer at home and will be happy to oblige, remember this scenario is out of the ordinary.

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iPhone iOS 5 software update details from Apple iTunes

Apple has done it again with their latest update to the iPhone with iOS 5. The notification center really is the hallmark and biggest improvement to an excellent device and well worth the wait for Apple’s stellar implementation. Just glance at the notification center for a complete update in a few seconds all in one place really improves the usability and coolness of the iPhone.

The update process was a bit challenging especially as I’m the kind of “give it to me now” person and as there were probably 20 million other people trying to update their iPhones at the same time. No doubt the servers at Apple were being pushed to the limit to enable device updating, but my persistence was the key that morning. If you haven’t yet updated, make sure you do it’s a great update and will take about an hour or two depending on how full your device is.

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Going viral – using YouTube to promote your business

Raising your professional profile can do wonders for your reputation and going viral on YouTube is the tool that will help you achieve this.

Putting together a great YouTube video will reward you as others try to replicate it – this is what is meant when something ‘goes viral’. Sharing your expertise is a great way to ensure people will associate your knowledge and skills with a particular area.  Read More →

WebConnected v1.5 overview

We are super excited to bring you WebConnected v1.5 and price has not been set, but its gonna cost less than your last flyer drop… and last the length of your career. Apply now

View the demo site

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Connected real estate agents use the right online tools

We are convinced that connected real estate agents can provide a more streamlined service with the right online tools. If automation was the lock then WebConnected is the key to accelerating your growth.

With a platform such as WebConnected, you no longer have to troll the phone book and call a thousand owners to secure that important listing. With the internet the first place people look to buy or sell – you’ll want to make sure that it’s your name and services they see first. Read More →