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Follow multiple experts like Josh Cobb at Stepps for faster success online with Real Estate

I’ve been a big follower of tips, techniques and strategies for real estate marketing online.

A recent podcast episode from Josh Cobb at Stepps on How Real Estate Agents Are Using The Internet To Grow Their Business is a great place for you subscribe and learn from.

Some real highlight podcasts to help you market online, with episode 30 featuring me:

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Easy Property Listings 3.0 Release Candidate is ready with new features like CRM and Reports

We’ve been busy working on the next major release of Easy Property Listings for WordPress websites which now includes a CRM to help you with your lead generation and contact management.

What’s really neat about the CRM is that if you already use the great ones like LockedOn, REX, MyDesktop already that we will be able to pass leads directly into your CRM saving double entry of data.

Along with this update is a cool reports feature allowing you to monitor your KPI’s and listing/sale performance in your business over any period of time.

Find out what is in v3.0 here.

Let us know what you think.

Learn the success tips of real estate agents that cracked the million dollar mark!

Nothing is impossible. Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you started out with nothing more than the rags on your back, you have the opportunity to change your fortune for the better today. Whether the real estate market is undergoing a boom, bust or is flat, a percentage of real estate agents will know how to defy the odds and get appointments, listings and sales worth millions of dollars. By implementing the following tips, you can also exceed your expectations when selling your property.

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Growth of Easy Property Listings has created a problem

The past few weeks have been difficult here at Real Estate Connected as we adapt to rapid growth of Easy Property Listings. We are really sorry for the slower response to resolve your support ticket and complete your project. I am really sorry that we have not been able to give you the best support and training we can give you to get the most out of your website and the real estate plugins.

Support has always been a number one priority along with plugin updates, and releasing new cool features. Since our recent holiday in October heading around the corner to Bali from Perth… we are still catching up…

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7 Real Estate Website Design Best Practices

Unlike you and your staff, your website works 24/7 for 365 days in a year. Make it 366 days for leap years.

But do you know that while a website works 24/7, there’s no guarantee it will succeed in pulling in viewers and generating leads? Are you sure that your website is found by search engines and is successful in generating leads? If the answer is no, there’s something missing.

There are many variables that have to be factored into the website design process and we’re here to help. Here is a comprehensive list of real estate website design best practices that will help you build a user-friendly and robust site:

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Why Real Estate Websites Fail Podcast

This week I was a featured guest on Josh Cobb’s weekly Real Estate Pros podcast at Stepps where we talk about how real estate websites fail. We talk about the latest tools available to help take your website to another level and why your website should be the central point of all your marketing.

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How to make your pre-listing kit convert more leads to sellers

Remember your first listing appointment and how you asked your boss, “I got an appointment Mal, what do I do?”

And he’s like, “Here you go son, this is our pre list kit, just add your details and enter you price and sign here and drop it off before you go. We call this a pre-list kit”.

How exciting my first appraisal!

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Why you should use two databases instead of one real estate CRM

This is where we all get a bit unstuck.

Over the years I’ve used several specialist real estate CRM’s; TopProducer, Market Manager, AgentOffice, PortPlus and also tried and tested dozens more.

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How to build a database overnight with hot sellers in 2015 even if you have been in real estate for 5 minutes

You could:

  • Cold call telemarketing
  • Door knock
  • In your street flyers
  • Just listed / sold flyers
  • Quarterly/monthly updates
  • Banner ads on REA
  • Referrals
  • Direct Mail
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Pay Per Click PPC
  • Google Display Ads

Lets look at each of these prospecting strategies in more detail.

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How to create an email lead prospecting system that nurtures leads automatically

Real estate is about building trust, creating relationships and educating your seller leads over a period of time.

How many times have you scheduled a follow-up call the following week or two to touch base with an appraisal client but they still aren’t ready?

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