Learn the success tips of real estate agents that cracked the million dollar mark!

Nothing is impossible. Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you started out with nothing more than the rags on your back, you have the opportunity to change your fortune for the better today. Whether the real estate market is undergoing a boom, bust or is flat, a percentage of real estate agents will know how to defy the odds and get appointments, listings and sales worth millions of dollars. By implementing the following tips, you can also exceed your expectations when selling your property.

Focus on the number one objective when selling the property – the selling price!

Every property vendor wants to get the best price for their property at a cost that appears fair to them. Many vendors want to minimise their costs when it comes to commissions and marketing fees. Instead, run a similar campaign that will allow your property to be sold at a higher price. Real estate agent trainer Tom Panos explains how agents demonstrate this to their potential vendors in the video below.

Allow property vendors to find you easily!

Success in property sales starts with prospective sellers. The real estate sales professional must be able to allow property vendors to find them easily (or reach out to them). Ways real estate professionals can achieve this include:

Attending open house inspections.

People that attend open house inspections are likely to have a property that they are selling, or that they will sell a property in the future.

Leaflet, postcard or salesletter drops in their area.

Direct mail marketing is a cost effective method to get yourself known. For a few hundred or thousand dollars, you can reach your target prospects and generate qualified inbound leads to you.

Print advertising

In print media such as newspapers and magazines, people love to see large full-page spreads that stand out and capture their attention. If they are interested in selling their property, they should be able to recall your advertisement and get in touch with you for an appraisal.


Running a telemarketing campaign gives you the chance to engage in dialogue and build rapport with your prospective seller.

Following up on market appraisals.

Keeping in touch with people that have asked for appraisals on their property and previous vendors.

Be visible on the web.

Specialist real estate websites like LocalAgentFinder can grow your database with qualified inbound leads that are ready to take action. By creating a compelling agent listing and getting positive reviews and endorsements, you could see your inbox flooded with potential listing opportunities.

Set a target for the amount of prospects that you will contact each week.

Australia’s most successful property sales agent James Tostevin gives his team a target of 100 prospects each week. He commits to contacting 200 prospects each week. As a result, he generated commission fees in excess of $5 million.

Boost your brand appeal as a real estate sales professional.

There are thousands of people selling real estate across Australia. You need to stand out as a premium brand rather than be seen as just another property seller. Showcase your value by being available, showing people your track record with property sales, featuring in publications as a guest contributor or on television, YouTube or podcast shows as a guest. Or even attend as a guest speaker at events. Ultimately, the factor that will improve your brand appeal is your sales performance.

Maintain a high level of transparency and communication.

People want to feel like they are in the loop. Give your prospective buyers peace of mind by advising them of the steps throughout the process, being clear about the actions required at each stage of the sales process and the responsibility and ensuring that you respond to any of their queries as quickly as possible.

Change your fortune today by improving your habits and behaviours. Commit to delivering an amazing service by listening and responding to any buyer’s queries promptly, being transparent, delivering their price objectives and ultimately delivering value.


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