Growth of Easy Property Listings has created a problem

The past few weeks have been difficult here at Real Estate Connected as we adapt to rapid growth of Easy Property Listings. We are really sorry for the slower response to resolve your support ticket and complete your project. I am really sorry that we have not been able to give you the best support and training we can give you to get the most out of your website and the real estate plugins.

Support has always been a number one priority along with plugin updates, and releasing new cool features. Since our recent holiday in October heading around the corner to Bali from Perth… we are still catching up…

Don’t worry a plan is in place and solutions are being implemented due to a new initiative at Westpac and Prospa are are lucky to be part of it.

We don’t need long to get back on track, lend a hand if you can. We are hiring, let us know here.

Another way to support us fuel the development is to download the plugin, ask for support, shop for extensions and purchase priority support and installation services.

Thank you for for your patience, understanding and being part of Easy Property Listings.


  1. Can I say, it’s Gr8 to see an Australian develop this product.

    It was sheer coincidence to find you on WP as I was searching for WP plugins that list posts, instead I found something that resembles what I was considering to develop!

    I haven’t used your product yet, but I’m impressed already.

    I’m a start up, seed stage of buz and I’m looking at developing something a little bit unique, you’ll find the story on What I want to be able to do, is provide real-estate agents remarkable value in using me to list residential properties.

    Chances are I would be looking for customisations to fit my market niche and I’m expecting these customisations to be ongoing thing.

    Is this something that you can help me with ?

    Thanks in advance
    Tarek Nahas

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