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What are people saying about your real estate agency? 3 Tips for Handling Online Reviews

These days, it’s incredibly easy for customers to share their experiences online and it’s not just restaurants who are being reviewed. Increasingly, more real estate agencies are finding themselves in the spotlight, making great customer service an area of increased focus for real estate agents.

These reviews are often located at the top of the Google search results which is a blessing when you get positive reviews and troubling when things didn’t go the way you planned with a client. The question then becomes, how do you handle less than stellar reviews of your real estate business?

The following 3 tips will help you when handling customer reviews:

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How to use video in real estate marketing to wow your buyers and sellers and place you at the top

If you aren’t using video as a real estate marketing tool, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach clients.  Video can really help you differentiate yourself and your properties in a crowded market and can be a powerful supplement to your existing marketing campaign.  Nearly every real estate agent has a website, but relatively few are using video.

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We are an internet marketing agency specialising in real estate agents because we have been there, we know what its like to sell homes, negotiate, market property and promote yourself… often by yourself or with a small team

We are here for you, we want to help you succeed online, reduce your financial outlay on out dated marketing mediums that are taxing your pocket and the environment each day we use them. Digital is where its at, its cheaper faster and today… no waiting for printers, flyers and crap that you can’t monitor with analytics. Generation X is here,we are everywhere and we live in a ‘buy now’ world. Look at the largest generation of home owners for the next 10 years, there are more of them, expect now and don’t want to chit chat, we just want it done.

Don’t ring me for idle talk, I don’t have time to chat… send me an email and I’ll get to it when i’m finished when I have time. I am Gen X

Never before have we been so connected to one another yet we are all still so far apart in the real world. I can travel the world in a few mouse click, investigate anything, learn whatever I can dream of and more… all from my iPhone. Lets look at this as a simple picture of the real world that real estate training has forgot to mention. Sorry old skool trainers but you are so far behind of whats coming and is about to crash the party that if you are not telling your students to get online in a big way then lookout for the agents who do, they are coming they move fast and we are showing them what to do.

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Creating great content for your real estate website will boost your search engine ranking while improving your overall real estate website design.

According to a recent survey undertaken by HiveFire, an internet marketing company and post by Entrepreneur, content marketing methods (the creation of great content) are now eclipsing traditional online marketing methods such as search engine marketing.

Most Australian real estate websites are fundamentally missing the point when it comes to how consumers find them. A lot of real estate websites design a great looking site and forget to fill it with what is necessary – amazing content.

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5 ways your real estate website will get top seach engine results

The internet drives business these days, especially the real estate market. Clients from all over the country, and even around the world, can go online and seek out properties that may interest them. While this can alleviate a number of concerns for real estate agents, it demands that they focus on search engine optimisation strategies in order to be found by prospective clients.

The days of flipping through the phone book to find what you need are in the past. Today, information is driven by search engines. In fact, 90% of all websites are found through search engines. If your agency or name is not on the first page or two of rankings based on particular keyword entries, then you might as well be invisible.

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If you’re in real estate then you need to start thinking about creating a social media strategy for your real estate website

Social media has become a boon to businesses around the world and if you are invested in the real estate market and haven’t yet delved into it, then you are missing out on some incredible opportunities. Even if you are connected to contacts and prospects through social media, you may not be getting the best from your efforts.

The hidden truth about social media

Social media is still a relatively new format, having been in massive circulation for a little more than five years, but it has effectively changed the world of business, and more importantly the world of real estate, forever. While it is still somewhat new, and the rules are continuing to evolve, it is important to understand that there are certain things to keep in mind to get the best out of it.

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Going viral – using YouTube to promote your business

Raising your professional profile can do wonders for your reputation and going viral on YouTube is the tool that will help you achieve this.

Putting together a great YouTube video will reward you as others try to replicate it – this is what is meant when something ‘goes viral’. Sharing your expertise is a great way to ensure people will associate your knowledge and skills with a particular area.  Read More →

WebConnected v1.5 overview

We are super excited to bring you WebConnected v1.5 and price has not been set, but its gonna cost less than your last flyer drop… and last the length of your career. Apply now

View the demo site

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Drawing the line between personal and professional profiles when working with social media


In real estate, your credibility as a professional is of utmost importance. Clients trust you to help them make big decisions so imagine their surprise when they search for you online and find unflattering pictures of you at your best friend’s party last weekend on Facebook.

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The unwritten rules of social media marketing

With social media all the buzz today it makes me wonder why so many real estate agents haven’t got a clue about the unwritten rules of social media marketing. Social media marketing has been here since the beginning of the internet with old school forums and Bulletin Board Systems BBS back in the 1970s and 80s. Back then it was just about providing ideas and helping each other with problems which at the time were mostly computer programming problems. Read More →