Why Real Estate Websites Fail Podcast

This week I was a featured guest on Josh Cobb’s weekly Real Estate Pros podcast at Stepps where we talk about how real estate websites fail. We talk about the latest tools available to help take your website to another level and why your website should be the central point of all your marketing.

Mostly this is because we all tend to focus on the look and feel of a website and not what is most important to its success. Pretty pictures and flashy website elements will only take your real estate website so far. Even the best looking real estate websites fail to generate leads on a consistent basis and in the podcast we go through what is most important for your success online.

Hop over to Stepps to listen to the podcast and be sure to subscribe to Stepps as each week Josh brings in valuable real estate guests that you can learn from to help you better success as a real estate agent.

Get Real Estate Pros

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You can visit Stepps and kick off your success where they will assess your current digital strategy and help you with PPC, SEO, lead generation, automation and so much more.

Hop over to Stepps to and listen to the podcast so you can create a better online presence for your real estate business and make sure you do not fail!


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