Design & Development

Successful websites start with a plan that grows and evolves with you and your business

Building on a Solid Foundation

Our websites are built on a solid foundation that allows for growth and expansion as you grow your business. That foundation is WordPress, an open source content management system that powers some of the biggest websites in the world like CNN, The New York Times and 13 million other sites. Its with this foundation that your website is built.


Designing a successful website isn’t just about how it looks.¬†Looks can only get you so far… its the function and content that gets you business. This is where our targeting consultation with you to builds a frame on a solid foundation. Unfortunately todays web designers give you what you want, but not what works. We know what will make your website successful and keep your clients coming back for more, this is where we are different and this is our target market focus.

Design & Branding

With a solid structure in place the fun part begins – creating the look and feel. To create a successful website the number one influence should always be your target visitor. This is a place where your target visitor can find out how you help them with their real estate problem. We work with you to design a website that triggers an emotional response in your target market. We create a website that addresses the needs, wants and desires of your target audience. This is targeted web design.

Content That You Can Manage

Content rules in websites and search engine optimisation. This is why our core focus is to enable you to easily add and edit content yourself without any special technical skills. If you can use word then you can use WordPress – this is why we build all our websites on a content management system that powers over 13 million sites.

Consistent Experience Across Browsers

As you probably know not all computers and browsers interpret website code the same way. Before launching your site, we conduct QA to ensure a consistent experience across all popular browsers – including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We test on both MAC and PC as well as mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad to make sure we have covered all the bases.