Website Audit by Internet Marketing Experts

To help improve web traffic and ensure you are connecting to your audience, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your website to ensure you stay competitive in a continually changing online environment

We understand that not all our customers have the time or the inclination to comprehend how search engine optimisation works or if page load times are reasonable, that’s why we developed the audit so you can process this often complicated information in plain, easy to understand language.

The audit is conducted by an Online Marketing Expert who reviews the site after determining your objectives and the type of visitors you aim to attract. Our expert will look at:

  • Navigation – how the overall structure flows
  • Branding – how it looks and feels
  • Content – what your site says about your business
  • Hosting – where your images and content is hosted
  • Interactivity – how you communicate with your audience
  • Technology – how advanced the site is
  • Marketing and Communications – how you are performing online
  • Keywords – for utilising search engine optimisation
  • Analytics – where traffic is being generated from

From this information a comprehensive report is drafted highlighting your website’s strengths and weaknesses. This is then followed by a wealth of suggestions offering information on how you improve your site, increase traffic and profit from online promotion.

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