7 Ways to promote your real estate website to today’s connected consumers

With the successful launch of our client’s website – Duncraig Now, we want to share our top 7 tips on ways to promote your real estate website.

  1. Self promote shamelessly – If you’ve gone to the trouble to create a great looking website with features that talk directly to your target audience such as Duncraig Now you should promote it shamelessly! Word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool so get talking about your site at industry awards nights, the local fish and chip shop, networking events or at the family’s Sunday BBQ.
  2. Blog regularly – Keep abreast of local news and issues in your area such as community planning issues and write about them. Try integrating your services and experience into the content and watch as your website quickly becomes the ‘go to’ place for local information. This type of local area promotion is invaluable in raising your website’s profile.
  3. E-Newsletters and email campaigns – Real Estate Connected offer Email Marketing packages which will distribute and track your e-newsletters to a client database. See Email Marketing – Level 1. An invaluable tool if you want to stay in the minds of your prospects and promote your site.
  4. Participate in blogs and talk about your site – Browse the internet for forums or interesting blogs where people are talking about issues that are relevant to the industry or community and leave thoughtful feedback. If something directly relates to a blog you’ve just written or an issue your area has recently dealt with, direct them to your site.
  5. Create a Facebook page and link it – Facebook pages are simple to create, easy to maintain and have the potential to take your site to the next level. It’s important you have a plan on how you will manage the page and define what purpose it will serve otherwise promotion opportunities will be lost.
  6. Partner with local businesses and cross promote – Perhaps a new restaurant has opened in your area or a well established business has relocated premises. Approaching these businesses and offering promotion on your website in return for a meal or product gift bag gives you a unique promotional opportunity at little or no cost to you. To fully utilise cross promotional opportunities, post status updates on your Facebook page and website directing them to sign up to your e-newsletter and win a competition.
  7. Test the waters before you dive in – If your site is not ready and doesn’t look like how you envisioned it then make the necessary changes before you start promoting it.

When you are ready to get started blogging start engaging people in your real estate passion online you will have no peer. Customers will flock to your blog because there is nothing else like it. Watch your traffic accelerate and hang on for the ride! Show people your passion and stand proud and tell them “I am here, I am the best at what I do, I want to help you, when you are ready… lets go!”.

Our passion building the best real estate websites that we can for our customers.This is why we are here, this is Real Estate Connected. Join now.

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