Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox

This has to be one of the best tools available for keeping your important real estate listing documents and paperwork on hand where ever you are and accessible from any computer Mac or PC, iPhone or any connected device.

Dropbox is one of those tools that once you use it you will wonder how you lived without it. Imagine writing an offer at someones house and for some reason you are missing the subject sale clause in your folder… You have 2 options, call your assistant and ask them to forward it to you (oh by the way its 8pm and she isn’t answering her phone) or with Dropbox on your iPhone, select the folder clauses and choose the subject-sale.pdf and you can forward this as a link to the clients email to print out or read and re-write it there. Most people have a printer at home and will be happy to oblige, remember this scenario is out of the ordinary.

Another great way to use Dropbox is by keeping a virtual copy of your listing files in the cloud backed up and safe. This way you can forward a home open visitor the extensive property title and easements or beam them the brochure in a few seconds when you run out of paper brochures. Great way to get an email address from a visitor isn’t it? With the iPhone, iPad and Android apps you can download the photos and brochure and show clients your other available properties. Doing this will show potential sellers that you are on the ball, different and connected. This is the digital age real estate agent.

Some quick tips for using Dropbox:

  • Avoid putting high res pictures in there but keep your web resized ones and download them to your iPad for when your internet connection is slow.
  • Keep a virtual CMA for several suburbs to review or quickly email clients. Wow them on the spot!
  • Synchronise your Dropbox folder with your office computer, laptop, home computer, assistants computer, iPhone, to always have instant access to your files and important stuff.
  • Keep your important photos and listing information like titles, conditions, brochure and email it from your iPhone, iPad or other device.
  • Share folders in Dropbox¬†to give your clients or assistants access to information.
  • Free for 2GB which is ample storage for word / excel documents, PDF files and web resolution photos.
  • Always on, always backed up and available everywhere from a web browser and free!

Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

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