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Just Released v1.1! Easy Property Listings real estate plugin on grab it now!

We’ve been writing real estate software for a website development platform called WordPress that allows for plugins to make your website better. Finally the software is to a point where its ready for the general public as I had to make sure its right before release.

So after seven months of coding and working out all the abilities its ready! Time for a beer or several.

Click here to grab your copy from and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help make this better for you on your real estate website.

The RE Bar Camp Perth was a resounding success of real estate professionals and industry experts together sharing their passion for the industry


What a wonderful day to be able to share our knowledge to a dynamic group of talented real estate professionals and industry experts. I got some great tips about how the industry is feeling on the front lines and what agents are thinking about the continued onslaught of new technologies like cloud computing, social media, Facebook, Twitter, property marketing to name a few. The location was magic and the day perfect! Read More →

Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011 an inspiration and great leader has passed away

I have watched Steve Jobs with great envy to learn what I could watching his dynamic keynote speeches. Personally I have learned a lot from him and his business mindset and drive has been inspirational to me and everyone here at Real Estate Connected. Today is a sad day. Thank you Steve for being my hero and I wish I had the chance to meet you. Read More →