The RE Bar Camp Perth was a resounding success of real estate professionals and industry experts together sharing their passion for the industry


What a wonderful day to be able to share our knowledge to a dynamic group of talented real estate professionals and industry experts. I got some great tips about how the industry is feeling on the front lines and what agents are thinking about the continued onslaught of new technologies like cloud computing, social media, Facebook, Twitter, property marketing to name a few. The location was magic and the day perfect!

Sounds like you want to know where to start and what to do next in a nice easy to follow plan.

Everyone had a chance to share their knowledge and what they are doing in such an open and supportive way. Everyone got a great deal of benefit from listening, being able to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Collaboration is the key to success in any business and this open forum was a huge success.

Take this style of training into your own business. Get all your staff in an open forum where everyone can discuss points of the business and share great ideas about what your business is doing, should be doing and cut out because it’s crap. You can only learn about how to improve your business by brainstorming, everyone in your organization should participate in this brainstorming session. Do this next week in your business, take a day empower your staff and reward them for doing a great job in this super fast industry. Don’t wait, do it now and include everyone in your business. Shut your office to do it, don’t worry tomorrow will come and you won’t lose anything. No criticism allowed, only listen learn and take notes. Put down 5-10 topics but ask the staff for them. This applies to ANY business.

Today gave us an insight into what else we should be doing here at Real Estate Connected but reinforced that we are on the right track and will expand our training to help people learn. We want to teach, we are going to teach and we are just figuring out how to make it easy and free.

The RE Bar Camp was free to attend and learn, we want to implement the same strategy in what we are doing. If it can be free it will, if it can’t we won’t… but we will try. Failure is the only path to success. Fail faster.

We have knowledge in the whole process of real estate, from the front line selling, auction marketing, private treaty and auction selling, technology & Internet (my true passion), online marketing, offline strategy, social media, Facebook, PPC advertising, Google, database systems (I’ve tried them all), SEO (don’t get me started on the Internet scam, if you are paying for SEO which does NOT include fresh articles about what you are doing, sack them it’s a scam), virtual outsourcing (couldn’t do what we do without it), and so much more.

We want to adjust where we are going to help you learn more and go after the right thing one level at a time. Don’t do it all, you can’t I’ve tried it doesn’t work. Start with one, add one more thing get comfortable, systemize, then add one more. Organic business growth is the only way to succeed. Ask Brendan Leahy about how he does it.

Thanks for listening to me today, I feel really good about being able to share what I know. We are going to share more and kick off our first live online webinar session next week. Stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to be told the details, it’s going to be free and regular… Stay tuned.

Recap from the day

There are some exceptional real estate professionals and several that made the journey from over east who shared with me what they are doing, going and where they feel they need to learn more, thanks for sharing:

Brendan Leahy from Brendan Leahy Real Estate was just excellent. His passion for the industry is remarkable and if you are a real estate professional who wants to learn, follow his lead. His passion for learning and implementing a strategic approach to his real estate business was excellent. He knows what he is doing, has systems in place to do it and is building a great team of people who are as passionate about real estate as he is. Thanks Brendan.

Ben Stockdale from The Home Page has got a really great business in showcasing property in such a way to help real estate agents. They have a great team looking for new ways to improve your property marketing and only like to show you what works. Some of the ideas he shared are excellent, keep going you are on the right track. Great to meet you face to face Ben.

Tom Esze from Tom Esze Auctions, wow mate you are looking great, full of life and energy. Just being around you makes me feel better. Nice joke with Toni about children hahaha. You are an excellent auctioneer and any agent would be crazy not to get you in to help them not only with calling the auction but how to run a successful campaign. But if you are running an auction or plan to, pay him to mentor you from day 1, there is no time to fart around with an auction, you need expert advice and training. There is only one way to run a successful auction every time, ask Tom.

Ian Barnes from Evolution Realty has an amazing business and is an outstanding professional. Thanks for sharing some great insights into what you do in your business. I’ve been watching your videos on your website and they are a great way to connect with people where you operate in Applecross. I know a lot of people were frantically taking notes about what you spoke, teach more you have a lot to give Ian.

Geoff Baldwin from REMAX WA has got a wealth of knowledge and some great tools to help you learn. Real estate has been done before, learn from these great people. Always shadow successful agents. Geoff wow you are a bottle of knowledge, let it out, blog about it mate, it helps me unload the info from my brain… still hasn’t completely slowed me down yet. Gonna have to write more I guess, hopefully that will slow me down a bit! Read Geoff’s roadmap to success.

Vicki Veany from REMAX WA thanks for reminding me that what ever we do it has to be easy to follow. We like easy, planned approach. Just get a Facebook page is not a planned approach. Stop figure out why, then start. We can’t teach everything In one day. We will teach you in the order that it should be done, step by step and automate as much as we can for you. Thanks Vicki. Couldn’t find your profile on the RE/MAX site. Write one and send me the link.

Thanks Kim Voullaire from Inline Media for sharing your social media experiences and tools. Looks like we will be needing your social media expertise shortly. Looking forward to talking to you more Kim and reading your Inline Media blog. Its great.

Katie Lucas you have some great tools and ideas that you have pioneered with Century 21 is outstanding, from your automated systems, customer communication and even games. Great stuff Katie, keep going.

Andy Romano from Property Digital has got the coolest toys in town to take the best pictures and videos from anywhere! His remote control gyro helicopter was an amazing tool. What he can achieve with that mini helicopter is so cool, just think about low flying over a pool approaching the entertainment area then shooting up to show the house from the sky! Amazing stuff Andy. All I can think about is chasing my dogs with it at the park or dangle a tennis ball for endless fun 🙂

Thanks James Francis-Hayes and Michelle Kerr from Abel McGrath Property Group it was great to chat with you outside and share what you want to do. Thanks for further reminding me that even if you want to know what to do, you still want us to do it for you. We were going to go with a pay to learn model, but that sucks we want to make it easy for you to just learn and our service is here for those who realise you can’t do it all yourself. We can barely keep up with me and what I want us to do. Thanks a lot and we can’t wait to help you. View James and Michelle’s profiles.

Many more to thank and I will when I can. Thanks everyone!

Thanks for inviting us to attend the RE Bar Camp Perth, what a great day!

We are so glad to have attended the Real Estate Bar Camp Perth put together by some great people like Peter Fletcher, Charlie Gunningham from REIWA, and many great sponsors who shouldn’t be named or products promoted… stuff that, that was the silliest thing, I want a damn show bag to take home at the end. I want to know whats new, I want to hear what you are doing then I can tell you what I think or say “I’ll have two of those”.

Possibly have a small part of the day allocated to talking about new stuff, innovate don’t always copy. As Brendan put it, there was a classified ad in the paper in 1902 that looks the same as the ones today…

Great format for the event all in all however I would have liked a take home pack at the end. Give me choice, always give customers choice, we are smart enough to make our own decisions, a stack of brochures never hurt anyone.

Only way to learn and improve is to try everything, fail faster.

If you attended this event or want to contribute, comment below and include the link to your website. This is a valuable back link that Google will follow to your website improving it’s rank. Only way to do that is by commenting on blogs, forums, and social media. Share, it feels good.

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