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How to write a killer appraisal page that delivers you quality seller leads day in and day out and will change your business forever

You have one specific task when creating a Request for CMA or Appraisal page.

Convince your reader to contact you and get them to invite you over look at their property.

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What are people saying about your real estate agency? 3 Tips for Handling Online Reviews

These days, it’s incredibly easy for customers to share their experiences online and it’s not just restaurants who are being reviewed. Increasingly, more real estate agencies are finding themselves in the spotlight, making great customer service an area of increased focus for real estate agents.

These reviews are often located at the top of the Google search results which is a blessing when you get positive reviews and troubling when things didn’t go the way you planned with a client. The question then becomes, how do you handle less than stellar reviews of your real estate business?

The following 3 tips will help you when handling customer reviews:

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: How to Use Google AdWords to Grow Your Business

Google AdWords can seem confusing at first, but if you learn how to use it, you can increase the traffic to your real estate website exponentially.  AdWords enables you to advertise on Google, which puts your ads in front of a huge audience.  It will take time to optimize performance, but it offers great benefits for your real estate website.

The Basics

You as an advertiser bid on certain keywords (i.e. “real estate agent”) by setting a maximum bid.  Google will decide which advertisement gets displayed for each keyword based on your bid and your quality score.

How is your quality score determined?

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What is Your Real Estate Website Saying to Your Clients?

There is no doubt that your real estate website is an important marketing tool.  But is it saying what you think it’s saying to your clients?  Does it really represent your business?  If you did not carefully craft your real estate website with your public image in mind, you may be able to make some changes to more accurately represent your unique brand.

Most importantly, your real estate website should be well designed.  A cheap looking website built from a template discredits your business and your brand.  Clients will become frustrated with a website that is difficult to navigate and may look elsewhere.  If your website gives off a bad first impression, it’s going to be hard to get new clients.  Contacting a web designer to build your page can still be affordable and give you superior results.  If you want clients to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first.

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Blogging is the most powerful tool for the real estate agent in the digital age

The concept of blogging is fundamentally the most powerful asset you have available to you today. In fact if you aren’t blogging regularly then there is so much business you are missing out on.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and connect with thousands of people in your real estate passion then you will no longer need to chase business… business will chase you.

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We are an internet marketing agency specialising in real estate agents because we have been there, we know what its like to sell homes, negotiate, market property and promote yourself… often by yourself or with a small team

We are here for you, we want to help you succeed online, reduce your financial outlay on out dated marketing mediums that are taxing your pocket and the environment each day we use them. Digital is where its at, its cheaper faster and today… no waiting for printers, flyers and crap that you can’t monitor with analytics. Generation X is here,we are everywhere and we live in a ‘buy now’ world. Look at the largest generation of home owners for the next 10 years, there are more of them, expect now and don’t want to chit chat, we just want it done.

Don’t ring me for idle talk, I don’t have time to chat… send me an email and I’ll get to it when i’m finished when I have time. I am Gen X

Never before have we been so connected to one another yet we are all still so far apart in the real world. I can travel the world in a few mouse click, investigate anything, learn whatever I can dream of and more… all from my iPhone. Lets look at this as a simple picture of the real world that real estate training has forgot to mention. Sorry old skool trainers but you are so far behind of whats coming and is about to crash the party that if you are not telling your students to get online in a big way then lookout for the agents who do, they are coming they move fast and we are showing them what to do.

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Negotiating a real estate commission can be one of the toughest challenges for a real estate agent

Put that in context with a soft market and you have a recipe for an agent to practically ‘give away’ his or her services. It’s important to let the client know that your experience, professionalism, and ability to sell properties is why you’re worth it.

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Reputation monitoring and reputation management for today’s real estate agent

In the world of real estate, reputation is as important, arguably even more so, than your ability to close a sale or attract potential clients. Your reputation, especially in the modern age of the internet, carries far more weight today with buyers and sellers than it has at any other time throughout modern history. Consumers are more empowered today and will go online and do their due diligence to determine whether the real estate agent whom they are considering working with has the experience, professionalism, and reputation they are seeking.

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Tips for real estate agents when completing real estate appraisals in a soft market

The global economy has been struggling for several years and it has placed an enormous amount of pressure on the housing market. Few regions in the country have been left unaffected by this soft market. When you sign as a seller for a new property, you have an obligation to your new client to not only get them the most money for their property, but to also generate genuine interest in it.

If you price the property too high, then qualified buyers may look beyond it without much more than a cursory glance. Price it too low and you run the risk of alienating your client and possibly even future clients. Ask different real estate agents their thoughts on this topic and you’re sure to get different perspectives, so let’s investigate both sides of the argument.

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If you’re in real estate then you need to start thinking about creating a social media strategy for your real estate website

Social media has become a boon to businesses around the world and if you are invested in the real estate market and haven’t yet delved into it, then you are missing out on some incredible opportunities. Even if you are connected to contacts and prospects through social media, you may not be getting the best from your efforts.

The hidden truth about social media

Social media is still a relatively new format, having been in massive circulation for a little more than five years, but it has effectively changed the world of business, and more importantly the world of real estate, forever. While it is still somewhat new, and the rules are continuing to evolve, it is important to understand that there are certain things to keep in mind to get the best out of it.

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