Creating great content for your real estate website will boost your search engine ranking while improving your overall real estate website design.

According to a recent survey undertaken by HiveFire, an internet marketing company and post by Entrepreneur, content marketing methods (the creation of great content) are now eclipsing traditional online marketing methods such as search engine marketing.

Most Australian real estate websites are fundamentally missing the point when it comes to how consumers find them. A lot of real estate websites design a great looking site and forget to fill it with what is necessary – amazing content.

What this means for real estate professionals is that in order to increase web traffic to their real estate website and boost their search engine ranking, most agents need to start looking at what they are offering their audience in terms of content.

A great way to offer amazing content is through publishing regular blog posts which is a tactic I can’t emphasize enough! It really does work – and in addition to keeping your site current, it also makes it interesting for those who regularly check it.

If we’ve designed your real estate website, you would have already received a personalised document titled Blogging recipe for success. To find out how you can keep your blog posts regular and the different methods of achieving this, read our Blogging recipe for success article.

Content Marketing is creating great content which is:

Current – Keeping on top of what is happening in your industry will make sure your content is current. For example, if you’re noticing an increase in mortgage brokers popping up in your area; do some research as to why then tell people about it!

Original – It goes without saying really. Nobody wants to read boring information that’s been around for years. Keep your content original and fresh and if it’s not “new” information, then try looking at it from a new angle and put your own twist on it.

Engaging – Asking for feedback and comments from your readers and having them engage with you is essential. If a potential prospect doesn’t know you then this interaction is a great way to introduce yourself and impress them.

Educational – Sharing what you’ve learned over the years is instrumental in creating great content – for example, if you know that a home is more likely to sell while its owners are on holiday when the house is in pristine condition, and you have a report that demonstrates this, then blog about it!

Interesting – It’s simple really – If it’s not interesting, nobody will care. Different people find different things interesting, it’s your job when creating content to ask yourself if anyone cares about news that interest rates are expected to remain on hold for another month? Keep in mind the old news saying that if “dog bites man” is not interesting but if “man bites dog” then there is interest straight away.

If you manage to get this mix right and follow our blogging recipe for success, then you’re already ahead of your competition who is probably scratching their heads trying to think of ways to drive traffic to their site.

Chances are, because your site offers regular, current, original and engaging content, the traffic your competition is so desperately seeking are already being driven to your real estate website giving you the added advantage of being able to
generate leads and build your brand’s visibility.

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