Great work Alycee on filling your Sorrento Living with great content and a wonderful story about your trip

We have just launched Alycee Barrett’s WebConnected powered website called Sorrento Living. She was away throughout the development process travelling overseas and having a wonderful time. I’m sure her website was the last thing on her mind!  Well now she is back, fired up and ready to as she puts it Sell, Sell, Sell! Go mum you love what you do and people appreciate everything you do for them, me included.

We at Real Estate Connected are looking forward to helping you do more of what you love and put you in front of many more happy customers for the future.

There is a lot planned for the future of Sorrento Living and we are here to facilitate your growth and success. That is what we do and we love to!

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Read about Alycee Barrett’s overseas trip

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