How to make your online real estate listings more effective. 3 ways to make your real estate listings stand out.

There is a lot more to a property listing than square footage and the number of bedrooms.  These days, everyone is creating property ads online and of course you would like to find a way to make your real estate listings stand out.  There are actually several things you can do to make your listings more effective so they appeal to more buyers.


First, it’s a good idea to study the competition.  Check out their list of amenities, features and their real estate marketing strategy.  The purpose here is not to copy, but rather to think of ways to differentiate your property from the competition.  Are there special amenities or features the other properties don’t have?  Be sure to point out any differentiating factors with text and photos and make these features a prominent part of your marketing strategy.

Next, think about your target audience.  Is the property more likely to attract young couples, families, retirees, or a mixture?  Determining your target audience is a great way to create a listing that will really appeal to those groups.

Media Content

Probably the most important part of your listing is the photos.  Choose high quality photos that feature the most positive aspects of the property.  Your primary photo will be the one that draws people in, so make sure it’s colorful and sharp.  Be sure to upload lots of photos of the interior and exterior, and a high-resolution version of the floor plan.  People tend to be suspicious of listings with few photos, assuming that the property is damaged or has something to hide.  If the site allows videos, a virtual tour is a great way to separate your property from the competition.  Additionally, you can upload a video tour of the entire area where the house is to complete the picture.

Detailed Descriptions

When writing the text for your listing, stay away from generalities whenever possible.  Instead of “convenient location” say that the property is within 1 mile of a shopping center.  Describe amenities with words that will paint a picture, being as detailed as you can.  Place an emphasis on special amenities that other properties don’t have.  Your description should be fairly long because short listings are not as impressive or as interesting to buyers.  Your description should tell a story about the benefits of the house and the area.

Detailed information and great pictures will attract more interest in your properties and help you make more sales.  As a side benefit, you will also spend less time fielding questions about the property, which will give you more time to list other properties, spend more time with clients, and boost sales.

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