Merv Barrett

Merv’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to create a unique marketing weapon which would help real estate professional’s move with the times and jump on board the internet phenomena, lead to the development of the Real Estate Connected empire more than 8 years ago.

Merv’s background in the real estate industry combined with a love of technology lead him to trial and test most of the online marketing fads where he painstakingly weeded out the ones that offered all the bells and whistles, yet showed no results from the ones that genuinely delivered what they promised.

It was through this process that the formula behind Real Estate Connected was developed and sits in its current form today – as one of the best internet marketing agencies specialising in Real Estate.

As leader and visionary of the company, Merv oversees all aspects of company direction including managing an experienced team of web developers and copywriters, right up to the coordination of administration assistants.

Merv also develops the company’s digital training platforms and has a passion for teaching clients about the wonderful and often confusing world of the internet and her various applications.

He keeps his finger on the digital pulse by monitoring a wide array of websites and through analysing why some sites work and why some fail. This helps him develop training programs for his clients.

Having a lateral mind, Merv’s ability to think outside the box and look at the bigger picture from a simplified mindset is what sets apart his company from its competitors. He is happiest when he can systematically solve problems for clients and friends.

Merv’s motto is “I know what works, I know how to get there, I have a plan and want to bring those who listen along for the ride.”