Toni Tate

As operations manager of Real Estate Connected, Toni is the glue that joins the clients to the product and holds the operation together.

A real estate professional for more than 7 years, she has the system, procedural and working knowledge to properly guide clients toward achieving their online marketing goals.

Having an incredible eye for detail is what makes Toni a crucial part of the team and a great operational manager. Her real estate background has ensured she has the essential planning, organisational and cross referencing skills required to keep the business running smoothly.

Toni has a genuine passion for helping clients realise their dreams of a prominent and sustained online presence and is often the major point of contact between the company and client.

She’s been around since the formation of the company and in addition to ensuring that the business is running smoothly, she is also depended upon heavily to make sure your job is on track and moving forward.

A blogger at heart having been raised in the age of the internet, Toni continually rises to the challenges of running a high quality web business which is constantly evolving.

Like Lady Gaga, Toni is always pushing boundaries and asking questions and is an absolute inspiration to our business and clients.