The 3 best ways to market yourself with email to buyers and sellers and avoid unsubscribers

Email has come a long way from its infancy and while most people are wary of spam (those annoying junk mail messages that can inundate even the most secure addresses), it is also one of the most effective marketing tools available in the real estate profession. If you know the best way to use it.

When a prospective buyer or seller offers you his or her email address, they are soliciting those emails from you. They want to receive emails from you. What they want are informative, pointed emails that either offer information about the process or listings that have recently come on the market.

Drip Campaigns

Perhaps the best strategy for email marketing is through the use of drip campaigns. This is the process whereby you send out emails to those who request them (by offering their email address to you) and they receive pre-formulated emails at specified timeframes. For example, you meet a person at a presentation who wants to learn more about the process of buying real estate, but they may not be ready to pull the trigger yet.

You enter their email address into an email marketing system, having already programmed which emails they will receive and when they will receive them, and those emails will be delivered accordingly. Perhaps you have a ‘welcome’ email that would be sent immediately. Then, in about two days, a second email is sent out. Four days later, perhaps you send the third. And the process continues from there, depending on how many emails you have to send.

It is much better to send out drips over time to your prospects in a stepped process. Most of us are busy and only have a few minutes to dedicate to reading a message. If you send a book it probably wont be read and your prospect will miss out on some valuable knowledge about the complex selling process. Lets face it, you just want to help them sell their home in the easiest way possible. This is the best way to give out your great information in a stepped and is easy to digest.

Targeted Listings

Whenever you acquire a new email address for marketing yourself, you want to organise them as well as possible. If you have potential clients who are interested in homes that list for less than $300,000, then the more you send them bulk listings, the less likely they will become clients of yours. However, if you have separate email lists for these types of prospects and only send them precisely what they are looking for, then they will know that you paid attention to their needs and will be more likely to sign with you when they’re ready to purchase property.

When you use email marketing as an effective tool, rather than spamming anyone and everyone who offers you their email address, you will build a reputation of being a quality real estate agent and increase your conversions dramatically.


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