What is Your Real Estate Website Saying to Your Clients?

There is no doubt that your real estate website is an important marketing tool.  But is it saying what you think it’s saying to your clients?  Does it really represent your business?  If you did not carefully craft your real estate website with your public image in mind, you may be able to make some changes to more accurately represent your unique brand.

Most importantly, your real estate website should be well designed.  A cheap looking website built from a template discredits your business and your brand.  Clients will become frustrated with a website that is difficult to navigate and may look elsewhere.  If your website gives off a bad first impression, it’s going to be hard to get new clients.  Contacting a web designer to build your page can still be affordable and give you superior results.  If you want clients to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first.

The main photo on your landing page should be a real picture of you in action, not a stock image of a “real estate agent”.  People are coming to your website to learn about your unique services and what you have to offer.  A more effective option is to make the main photo a picture of you working with a client, or you standing next to a property with a sold sign.  Something that emphasizes what you can do for your client.  If necessary, hire a professional photographer to take some high quality shots.

It’s a good idea to engage your readers on a regular basis.  You can post valuable and interesting new content, add regular blog posts, post surveys, add new informational articles, or post links to interesting sites.  It’s a good idea to post a monthly newsletter to let your clients know what’s been going on in the industry.  You want to appear active and engaging to your clients and your website should reflect that.

When building your website, it’s a good idea to choose a few adjectives that describe how you want your business to appear.  Perhaps you want to appear to be professional, organized and trustworthy.  With each new page, keep those words in mind.  A carefully crafted website represents your business well and will help you build a strong reputation.


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