10 Steps to creating a great Real Estate newsletter to help you connect with buyers and sellers

Some real estate agencies are unaware of the value of engaging, local real estate news. Instead they rely on mass mail outs of real estate letters which are often boring to read and displayed with little imagination.

MailChimp is a program which will save you thousands of dollars in postage costs and countless hours of envelope stuffing. If you’re wondering what is MailChimp, read our article about what makes mail chimp the number one choice for real estate agencies.

How to create a real estate newsletter using MailChimp – 10 steps to creating a great real estate newsletter to help you connect with buyers and sellers.

1.  Gather your news. Great newsletters require great content so spend a bit of time gathering that content. If you are sending a monthly newsletter, save articles you come across during the month in a special folder so you have all your content in one place. Let staff know at meetings you are looking for articles and ask your colleagues to share their wisdom and write an article about a trend in the industry. Some great content ideas for real estate newsletters are:

  • Financial news. eg – Home loans, rate cuts, new laws, first home owner grants.
  • Time specific news. eg – home security during the holidays.
  • Home improvement news.
  • Process news. eg – the buying process, the selling process.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we can help you with affordable news items written specifically for your business. Sold in packages of 10, 25 or 40 articles, these will belong to your business so you can use them in newsletters, promotional material or on your website as blog content. Call or contact us for more details.

2.  Edit Once you have your content, it’s time check for simple things such as grammar mistakes and sentence construction. Short, sharp articles which are to the point are the best articles. Remove any waffle or industry jargon and make sure the heading of the article matches it’s content.

Working within Mail Chimp

If you have never worked within MailChimp before, read the simple getting started guide to help you find your feet and then continue with the next steps.

3.  Create your list.  This is the list of email addresses your newsletter will be sent to.  Once you have created an account or signed in to MailChimp, you should begin by creating your mail out list.

Create a list

4.  Create your campaign. Click on good regular ol’ campaign if this is the first time you are doing this.

Create your campaign

5.  Get going. Pick the list you have just created and then start entering the information about your campaign (or newsletter)

Get going! Real Estate Connected

6.  Templates Galore. Depending on how you would like your newsletter to look, there are a few options here.

  • If you want full control over the layout and are a wizz with code, then the ‘code your own’ option is for you.
  • If you still want control but are confident your coding skills are up to the challenge, then the ‘drag and drop’ option is good for you.
  • If you want a no fuss option, then choose the ‘predesigned’ option. We’ve chosen to demonstrate the predesigned option here.

Templates Galore - Real Estate Connected

7.  Predesigned newsletter options. The beauty about mail chimp is that everything is done for you and people with little or no exposure to online newsletters will find it a cinch. Simply click on the ‘newsletters’ templates in the left hand column and choose a design to suit your business.

Predesigned newsletter options - Real Estate Connected

8.  The power of design. The options are endless so we are only going to cover the few that will be relevant to making your newsletter match your business branding. This is where you will begin inserting your content and changing background and font colours so your newsletter is uniquely yours.

Simply click the boxes you would like to edit and start inserting the news you gathered – it’s that simple!

The dashboard (similar to those in email programs and Microsoft word) which appears when you click in the box will have all the tools you need to insert photographs, change the font colour and size, use bullet points etc.

The power of design - Real Estate Connected

9. Confirm and preview your newsletter. Once you are happy with your content and images, click confirm and have a look at what you created with the preview button. If everything is perfect, follow the simple steps to complete the process.

Preview your newsletter - Real Estate Connected

10.  Click send. Your customers will be glad you did! If you created your newsletter with content which is relevant, interesting and shows your company is a leader in its field, your customers will keep you at top of mind when looking for your services.

Remember, the possibilities are endless in this program so next time you log in, check out what else you can do and incorporate that into your agency’s marketing program.

We’re here for you.

If you are short on time or prefer not to be distracted from your current sales focused objectives, talk to us about our WebConnected powered websites – perfect for sales professionals looking to enhance their business online.

We’ve helped dozens of real estate’s set up user friendly websites with content and fully integrated marketing solutions – you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is.  Call us on (08) 9468 0006 or send us an email here.


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