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Why You Should Use iThemes Builder for Your WordPress Real Estate Website

We’ve been creating website exclusively using iThemes Builder Framework since it was version 2.1 and have watched it grow and get better over the years and is now at version 5 with full responsive design.

Back when starting web development and building WordPress real estate websites with limited knowledge of CSS and PHP we were really looking for a framework that allowed for content targeting but didn’t require us to write a lot of custom code.

Content targeting is where you can customise and target every single part of the page from sidebars, widgets and footer areas to support the content on each page. This is very difficult for many themes as they may provide a handful of individual layouts. Not good when you need to specifically target widget areas sometimes down to a page. You can use widget logic, but when there are a lot of layouts its next to impossible to use a widget plugin.

You can build any site with  iThemes Builder. Most of my themes start from their Builder Air Theme which allows complete and total control over CSS as it is very minimal.

It’s funny, one of the main reasons for selecting that framework many years ago was their Styles Manager CSS plugin.

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How to use FeedSync REAXML Pre Processor to merge thousands of xml files into something you can import into your WordPress website or custom software

Here is a script that you can upload to your server and configure in a few minutes with ease and you can do it all without FTP software and it is only $87 for a single site license.

The core of FeedSync was developed over 3 years ago to solve the problem of dealing with multiple REAXML files that need to be merged into a single file that can then be imported by your software. So FeedSync has been working on dozens of different real estate websites

I didn’t realise that there are so many developers looking to solve this same very problem.

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Real Estate REAXML Parser Script that takes a minute to install and you can use it on any website that needs single import files like WordPress

My requirements when developing this REAXML parser script was to make sure it was fast, efficient and not repeat imports if NO changes are detected and be able to use WP-Property to import the files and manage the property and rental listings.

So after countless hours searching for a REA XML parser to no avail I set out to find a developer to build my REA XML parser.

The script had to do the following:

  • Combine the individual REAXML files into a single, or multiple import files.
  • Process the results and store them in 3 new separate REAXML files: Current, SOLD/LEASED, and withdrawn to increase speed.
  • When the property status changes to sold/leased/withdrawn delete the property entry from the current REAXML output file.
  • Just added: Geocode the property address during import and add another field so my new property plugin did not have to also geocode the entry on import.

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How To Create a Detailed Author Box in WordPress Blog with Links To your FaceBook, Twitter profiles and add Your Phone number

You’ve just spent hours writing a great blog post and press the publish button and the only credit you get is your name. Well here is how to change that by adding a great profile about you, the author and extra contact details if you want them.

Adding an “About the Author” box to your posts is a simple way to upgrade your WordPress blog. You’ll have your posts branded in under 10 minutes its that easy.

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