Why You Should Use iThemes Builder for Your WordPress Real Estate Website

We’ve been creating website exclusively using iThemes Builder Framework since it was version 2.1 and have watched it grow and get better over the years and is now at version 5 with full responsive design.

Back when starting web development and building WordPress real estate websites with limited knowledge of CSS and PHP we were really looking for a framework that allowed for content targeting but didn’t require us to write a lot of custom code.

Content targeting is where you can customise and target every single part of the page from sidebars, widgets and footer areas to support the content on each page. This is very difficult for many themes as they may provide a handful of individual layouts. Not good when you need to specifically target widget areas sometimes down to a page. You can use widget logic, but when there are a lot of layouts its next to impossible to use a widget plugin.

You can build any site with  iThemes Builder. Most of my themes start from their Builder Air Theme which allows complete and total control over CSS as it is very minimal.

It’s funny, one of the main reasons for selecting that framework many years ago was their Styles Manager CSS plugin.

Now that my knowledge of CSS and PHP is advanced we still choose to use  iThemes Builder Framework because it allows the creation of any type of web site because it gives you the freedom of having endless layouts and widget configuration all without code*.

*As with every project, you need to know some code and they have an extensive codex and fantastic support.

Some specific reasons to use iThemes Builder

  • Built for developers to build websites for customers.This is a really important point as other frameworks are built to sell themes. This to me is what makes Builder a better framework because they are website developers and build sites.
  • Excellent Support, Documentation and codex.
  • Layout Engine
  • Responsive design
  • Style Manager
  • Widget Content

 iThemes Builder Overview

If your PHP and CSS skills are limited like mine were but you want to be able to build dynamic web sites with multiple page layouts and are looking for a theme framework where you can build sites quickly, then do yourself a favour and look at iThemes Builder Framework.

Layout Engine

Look over the coming weeks for more tutorials for iThemes Builder and why it is our go-to-theme.

Also we specialise in developing custom child themes for Builder, so if you are looking for advanced theme development contact us here.


  1. Merv,

    Just had a look through the iThemes website and couldn’t find the answer I was looking for.

    Is iThemes a buy it once and use it over and over again and do you need to buy it each and every time you want to build a new site.

    Kindest Regards

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