How to use FeedSync REAXML Pre Processor to merge thousands of xml files into something you can import into your WordPress website or custom software

Here is a script that you can upload to your server and configure in a few minutes with ease and you can do it all without FTP software and it is only $87 for a single site license.

The core of FeedSync was developed over 3 years ago to solve the problem of dealing with multiple REAXML files that need to be merged into a single file that can then be imported by your software. So FeedSync has been working on dozens of different real estate websites

I didn’t realise that there are so many developers looking to solve this same very problem.

So we’ve added a nice looking GUI instead of just outputting the results on a messy page, which works for us but isn’t really user-friendly. We’ve created a quick start guide for you and demo that you can try so you can confidently test FeedSync for your use it and install it on your server.

I’ve even added a check for updates page so you can quickly download updates to the application.

With the help of Dean from Bizbo a business real estate portal we’ve hardened the applications as the portal needs are quite different from a web developer building a real estate web site for a single real estate customer.

So with his help, it’s now more robust and can work in bigger environments like processing thousands of listings. So FeedSync will work for you if you are building a single site for a client or building a portal featuring thousands of property listings.

FeedSync will process the following REAXML elements:

  • residential
  • rental
  • land
  • rural
  • commercial
  • commercialLand
  • business
  • holidayRental

How it works

FeedSync REAXML Processor Parser Script-card

How to install FeedSync on your server

A bit of History on FeedSync

Many late nights over a few months were spent developing FeedSync which at its core is a data matching and merging algorithm that will process all of the available REAXML elements.

I remember stressing out trying to write this software before I had any real php skills. Oh what a pain it was, what seemed like a simple problem to solve became many late nights trying to figure out this problem with limited programming skill all the while trying to managing a small web site development business.

FeedSync Demo

Check out the FeedSync demo page at

Upload your XML test files to:
Password: feedsyncdemo

Read more about how FeedSync works

Real Estate REAXML Parser Script that takes a minute to install and you can use it on any website that needs single import files like WordPress

FeedSync Change Log

Version 1.1.3, July 27, 2014
Fix: Version numbering corrected and old files removed

Version 1.1.2, July 27, 2014
Bug: Status for leased/sold was not updating correctly.

Version 1.1.1, June 27, 2014
New: Added support for Rockend REST REAXML format.
New: Ability to merge current listings when only a tag is changed to leased/sold. The REST REAXML format only sends a status change so we are now copying the last entry on the listing

Version 1.1 June 1, 2014
Zip Support to process REAXML files saved as .zip with included images

Version 1.0.2, March 27, 2014
Changed download update link

Version 1.0.1, March 25, 2014
Added ability to have custom input and output directories so you can use your own output dir for security
Added additional instructions to user settings.php file
Created template functions
Added ability for end user to change header name from settings.php file
Created index.php files if input/output/processed directory

Version 1.0.0, March 22, 2014
Complete re-write and folder re-structure based on users feedback where feed providers would purge feed directory. So now your input files are nested within the application preventing accidental deletion.

New directory Structure
XML/feedsync/input <<< FTP Folder Where xml files are saved from provider
XML/feedsync/outputs <<< Merged xml files saved here:
XML/feedsync/processed <<< Input files are read and moved here

New Output File Names

Version 0.3.3, March 25, 2014
Added Geocode options to user settings file
Added Template functions for easier usage
Added Licensing and Update Notification
Added page and ability to check for updates
Added template functions
Re-structured for larger portal needs
Help file updated

Version 0.3.2, March 24, 2014
Created function to handle all XML elements
Added beta Software licensing
Re-named files
Added feedsync-templates.php functions

Version 0.3.2, March 19, 2014
Fixed bug with long file names not processing

Version 0.3.1, Feb 20, 2014
Created Help page
Removed old files
Added Readme File
Created Geocode test option

Version 0.3, Feb 12, 2014
Wrapped application in Bootstrap GUI

Version 0.2.1, October 9, 2013
Fixed a bug and added an output page so the user can review FeedSync process
Reset Content on this version

Version 0.2, September 27, 2013 
Renamed the source location from aggregated to > wc-processor, renamed mydesktop > imported
Made changes to all feedsync.php files.
Added notes to feedSync.php
Created History.txt

Version 0.1
Initial Release


  1. Hi Merv,

    Looking at pushing out a new wordpress site using WPCasa which I have been happy with before. We are using RENET and will continue to use its CRM features and for adding all new properties etc. to push out to REA, Domain etc.

    I’m fine on the wordpress side of things, I noticed that feedsync is listed as working with RENET. Does that mean the new site would get the feed from REA as an REAXML feed once RENET pushes data there, or does feedsync take an XML feed from RENET itself?


    PS – I have never set up a site to receive an XML feed before, just in case it wasn’t obvious!

    • Hi Michael

      REA does not output REAXML files they only accept them from providers like RENET. As long as RENET can output a REAXML file to your server then FeedSync can process them and prepare them for import.

      Real estate websites are complicated to configure and the reason our tools exist.

  2. Hi Merv,

    I am having difficulties setting up CRON on my cpanel.

    Error message after i start the cron job:

    PHP Warning:

    Your help will be much appreciated as this is the only step which is holding us back to put the website live.

    Kind Regards.

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