FeedSync REAXML Processor updated to Version 1.1.3

We’ve just updated FeedSync to version 1.1.3 which now supports REAXML files that are delivered in zip files which also contain property images. This is a major version release that adds support for zip format REAXML files as supplied by some providers like Rockend Rest and Console.

What it now does to support the zip REAXML format is:

  • Unzips the zip file(s) and moves the images into the processed/images folder.
  • While processing the REAXML xml files it rewrites the image location with a valid URL so they hey can be imported.
  • Moves the processed zip filed into processed/zips.
  • Lists zip files waiting to be processed.
  • Transfers content from current and appends new status when input file only contains status update.

Grab FeedSync REAXML processor here.


  1. Yeah do you have any video for this, cause when i put a zip file in Input folder, it processed to zips folder and inside zip folder there is temp folder and inside temp there is my zipfolder name and datas there, but if I check feedsync there is no listing, can you please make a video for this reaxml ? I bought Developer License Bundle but still couldnot figure it out how to work with zip reaxml .

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