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7 Real Estate Website Design Best Practices

Unlike you and your staff, your website works 24/7 for 365 days in a year. Make it 366 days for leap years.

But do you know that while a website works 24/7, there’s no guarantee it will succeed in pulling in viewers and generating leads? Are you sure that your website is found by search engines and is successful in generating leads? If the answer is no, there’s something missing.

There are many variables that have to be factored into the website design process and we’re here to help. Here is a comprehensive list of real estate website design best practices that will help you build a user-friendly and robust site:

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Just Released v1.1! Easy Property Listings real estate plugin on grab it now!

We’ve been writing real estate software for a website development platform called WordPress that allows for plugins to make your website better. Finally the software is to a point where its ready for the general public as I had to make sure its right before release.

So after seven months of coding and working out all the abilities its ready! Time for a beer or several.

Click here to grab your copy from and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help make this better for you on your real estate website.

Just Finished the Development Of A Website For A Perth Business Called Airon Air Conditioning Service

Just finished the development of a WordPress website for an air conditioning service business in Perth. We designed the logo, the website theme and created a full marketing pack including some slick business cards for this tradesman business.

It’s live, go check it out.

They are just getting started with online marketing and the first step is to get a website with a key offer, in this case it’s an online quote for an air conditioning service. So we put together the design and setup a custom WordPress website using the powerful iThemes Builder framework and our advanced collection of premium plugins and features like Gravity Forms and our Testimonial Manager. We also integrated our SEO Settings for optimum Google search…. our secret sauce.

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How to make your online real estate listings more effective. 3 ways to make your real estate listings stand out.

There is a lot more to a property listing than square footage and the number of bedrooms.  These days, everyone is creating property ads online and of course you would like to find a way to make your real estate listings stand out.  There are actually several things you can do to make your listings more effective so they appeal to more buyers.

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6 points to consider when choosing a web hosting company for your real estate website

It’s important to choose your real estate website hosting company wisely because the company you choose will provide the storage space and internet connectivity you need to make your real estate website accessible online.  Beautiful web design is wasted if visitors cannot access your site due to downtime.  This article covers several essential items to consider when choosing a web hosting company for your real estate website.

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What is Your Real Estate Website Saying to Your Clients?

There is no doubt that your real estate website is an important marketing tool.  But is it saying what you think it’s saying to your clients?  Does it really represent your business?  If you did not carefully craft your real estate website with your public image in mind, you may be able to make some changes to more accurately represent your unique brand.

Most importantly, your real estate website should be well designed.  A cheap looking website built from a template discredits your business and your brand.  Clients will become frustrated with a website that is difficult to navigate and may look elsewhere.  If your website gives off a bad first impression, it’s going to be hard to get new clients.  Contacting a web designer to build your page can still be affordable and give you superior results.  If you want clients to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first.

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Top 5 Features of a Great Real Estate Website

A great real estate website is geared towards clients.  It’s very common to make your real estate website all about you, when it’s more effective to spell out what you can do for your client.  A carefully crafted professional website is clear and concise.

Below is a list of the top 5 features every great real estate website should have.

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas: 5 Benefits of Starting a Real Estate Blog

As a real estate agent, you probably already have a website, so creating a blog page is going to be simple. A blog is a great addition to any real estate marketing plan and with a little knowledge, you can have your blog page up and running in under and hour. But what’s the benefit of having your own real estate blog?

Blogging is extremely popular these days and a great way to build your real estate brand and establish yourself as a subject area expert.

Here is a list of the top 5 benefits of starting a real estate blog:

1. Gain Credibility.  Blogging is a great way to show off your expertise.  Post great, informative articles about buying and selling to showcase your knowledge.  It’s also a way to show clients that you are an expert in your specific area.  Post articles relevant to your city or the neighbourhood you specialise in.

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Why your bounce rate is important to your website’s success, how to improve it and a info graphic to explain it

A website bounce rate is an important factor in determining how successful your website is in its Google ranking. The more successful your site is in attracting and retaining visitors, the higher your Google ranking, the more web search traffic is directed to your domain.

So what is a bounce rate?

A bounce rate is used in web analytics to measure the quality of people’s visits to your website. Do they sit on your landing page before immediately leaving or are they sticking around to read your blogs and click through a few pages? If visitors are taking the time to stick around your bounce rate is lower.

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