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Just Released v1.1! Easy Property Listings real estate plugin on grab it now!

We’ve been writing real estate software for a website development platform called WordPress that allows for plugins to make your website better. Finally the software is to a point where its ready for the general public as I had to make sure its right before release.

So after seven months of coding and working out all the abilities its ready! Time for a beer or several.

Click here to grab your copy from and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help make this better for you on your real estate website.

10 Steps to creating a great Real Estate newsletter to help you connect with buyers and sellers

Some real estate agencies are unaware of the value of engaging, local real estate news. Instead they rely on mass mail outs of real estate letters which are often boring to read and displayed with little imagination.

MailChimp is a program which will save you thousands of dollars in postage costs and countless hours of envelope stuffing. If you’re wondering what is MailChimp, read our article about what makes mail chimp the number one choice for real estate agencies.

How to create a real estate newsletter using MailChimp – 10 steps to creating a great real estate newsletter to help you connect with buyers and sellers.

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We are an internet marketing agency specialising in real estate agents because we have been there, we know what its like to sell homes, negotiate, market property and promote yourself… often by yourself or with a small team

We are here for you, we want to help you succeed online, reduce your financial outlay on out dated marketing mediums that are taxing your pocket and the environment each day we use them. Digital is where its at, its cheaper faster and today… no waiting for printers, flyers and crap that you can’t monitor with analytics. Generation X is here,we are everywhere and we live in a ‘buy now’ world. Look at the largest generation of home owners for the next 10 years, there are more of them, expect now and don’t want to chit chat, we just want it done.

Don’t ring me for idle talk, I don’t have time to chat… send me an email and I’ll get to it when i’m finished when I have time. I am Gen X

Never before have we been so connected to one another yet we are all still so far apart in the real world. I can travel the world in a few mouse click, investigate anything, learn whatever I can dream of and more… all from my iPhone. Lets look at this as a simple picture of the real world that real estate training has forgot to mention. Sorry old skool trainers but you are so far behind of whats coming and is about to crash the party that if you are not telling your students to get online in a big way then lookout for the agents who do, they are coming they move fast and we are showing them what to do.

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The 3 best ways to market yourself with email to buyers and sellers and avoid unsubscribers

Email has come a long way from its infancy and while most people are wary of spam (those annoying junk mail messages that can inundate even the most secure addresses), it is also one of the most effective marketing tools available in the real estate profession. If you know the best way to use it.

When a prospective buyer or seller offers you his or her email address, they are soliciting those emails from you. They want to receive emails from you. What they want are informative, pointed emails that either offer information about the process or listings that have recently come on the market.

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iPhone iOS 5 software update details from Apple iTunes

Apple has done it again with their latest update to the iPhone with iOS 5. The notification center really is the hallmark and biggest improvement to an excellent device and well worth the wait for Apple’s stellar implementation. Just glance at the notification center for a complete update in a few seconds all in one place really improves the usability and coolness of the iPhone.

The update process was a bit challenging especially as I’m the kind of “give it to me now” person and as there were probably 20 million other people trying to update their iPhones at the same time. No doubt the servers at Apple were being pushed to the limit to enable device updating, but my persistence was the key that morning. If you haven’t yet updated, make sure you do it’s a great update and will take about an hour or two depending on how full your device is.

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The RE Bar Camp Perth was a resounding success of real estate professionals and industry experts together sharing their passion for the industry


What a wonderful day to be able to share our knowledge to a dynamic group of talented real estate professionals and industry experts. I got some great tips about how the industry is feeling on the front lines and what agents are thinking about the continued onslaught of new technologies like cloud computing, social media, Facebook, Twitter, property marketing to name a few. The location was magic and the day perfect! Read More →