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Creating great content for your real estate website will boost your search engine ranking while improving your overall real estate website design.

According to a recent survey undertaken by HiveFire, an internet marketing company and post by Entrepreneur, content marketing methods (the creation of great content) are now eclipsing traditional online marketing methods such as search engine marketing.

Most Australian real estate websites are fundamentally missing the point when it comes to how consumers find them. A lot of real estate websites design a great looking site and forget to fill it with what is necessary – amazing content.

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Reputation monitoring and reputation management for today’s real estate agent

In the world of real estate, reputation is as important, arguably even more so, than your ability to close a sale or attract potential clients. Your reputation, especially in the modern age of the internet, carries far more weight today with buyers and sellers than it has at any other time throughout modern history. Consumers are more empowered today and will go online and do their due diligence to determine whether the real estate agent whom they are considering working with has the experience, professionalism, and reputation they are seeking.

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5 ways your real estate website will get top seach engine results

The internet drives business these days, especially the real estate market. Clients from all over the country, and even around the world, can go online and seek out properties that may interest them. While this can alleviate a number of concerns for real estate agents, it demands that they focus on search engine optimisation strategies in order to be found by prospective clients.

The days of flipping through the phone book to find what you need are in the past. Today, information is driven by search engines. In fact, 90% of all websites are found through search engines. If your agency or name is not on the first page or two of rankings based on particular keyword entries, then you might as well be invisible.

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Improve your real estate business by using iPads in real estate listing presentations

Thanks to modern technology, there are a number of options for real estate agents to keep in touch with prospects and sellers as well as in listing presentations. Yet few offer the flexibility and inherent intimacy that the iPad does. With its incredible high-resolution screen, every detail will be visible to those potential buyers. Built-in Bluetooth technology also makes it simple to display your presentation on a larger screen if required.

What makes the iPad the best option?

While some agents might argue that any tablet can accomplish the same objective, it is the iPad’s unique ability to allow the user to zoom in and out of images with ease that presents its greatest asset.

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If you’re in real estate then you need to start thinking about creating a social media strategy for your real estate website

Social media has become a boon to businesses around the world and if you are invested in the real estate market and haven’t yet delved into it, then you are missing out on some incredible opportunities. Even if you are connected to contacts and prospects through social media, you may not be getting the best from your efforts.

The hidden truth about social media

Social media is still a relatively new format, having been in massive circulation for a little more than five years, but it has effectively changed the world of business, and more importantly the world of real estate, forever. While it is still somewhat new, and the rules are continuing to evolve, it is important to understand that there are certain things to keep in mind to get the best out of it.

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The 3 best ways to market yourself with email to buyers and sellers and avoid unsubscribers

Email has come a long way from its infancy and while most people are wary of spam (those annoying junk mail messages that can inundate even the most secure addresses), it is also one of the most effective marketing tools available in the real estate profession. If you know the best way to use it.

When a prospective buyer or seller offers you his or her email address, they are soliciting those emails from you. They want to receive emails from you. What they want are informative, pointed emails that either offer information about the process or listings that have recently come on the market.

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Going viral – using YouTube to promote your business

Raising your professional profile can do wonders for your reputation and going viral on YouTube is the tool that will help you achieve this.

Putting together a great YouTube video will reward you as others try to replicate it – this is what is meant when something ‘goes viral’. Sharing your expertise is a great way to ensure people will associate your knowledge and skills with a particular area.  Read More →

WebConnected v1.5 overview

We are super excited to bring you WebConnected v1.5 and price has not been set, but its gonna cost less than your last flyer drop… and last the length of your career. Apply now

View the demo site

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10 Ways the workplace has changed and an info-graphic showing the new workstyle


Gone are the days when the fax machine was seen as a revolution and all you had on your desk was a rolodex and a telephone. Today’s real estate agent considers tools such as WebConnected with integrated Email Marketing techniques as essential in connecting with clients. Read More →

The monkey is out of the bag and MailChimp email marketing is that monkey!

Offering our clients simple and effective online marketing solutions is how Real Estate Connected made itself a market innovator. Today, we review MailChimp – a tool we use to drive our email marketing campaigns. Read More →